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Heating & Cooling Services

We understand heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are the basic necessities in houses. To resolve all HVAC related issues and make your life smooth and out of trouble, USA General Contractors have teamed up with the most knowledgeable technicians who are courteous and professional in their working terms. We offer zero delay, early service delivery and long term guaranteed repairs to your appliances.

Check out areas of our services that have no competitive match in the market:

Central Air Conditioner Maintenance

Our experts have right tools to correct all the issues without extending time and money. So, worry no more if your air conditioner is showing the following symptoms:

  • Not working at all
  • Not cooling/heating properly
  • Too cool or heated up
  • Not shutting down
  • Water leakage
  • Screeching sounds

Boiler Repair

You don’t have to deal with a broken boiler for a long time now because we have expertise in bring back the natural health of a boiler of any brand from old to newest models. We’ll provide an overall repair which includes:

  • Refilling gas fuel
  • Repairing thermostat
  • Evaluated piping and tank
  • Check radiators
  • Re-pressurize your boiler

Heat Pump Repair

Thermodynamics might scare you but our engineers are perfect in their concepts and practices. If your house is installed with one of the heat pumps available in market, then you might need repair and services due to harsh weather conditions. However, our professionals know how to increase the coefficient of performance of your heat pump even if the troubleshooting of this device is difficult due to the dual mode. We deal in all kinds like:

  • Fixing fan problems
  • Refilling refrigerant
  • Water leakageOutdoor unit blocked due to heavy snow
  • Any one of the modes not working

Furnace Maintenance

Dealing with energy and energy transfer has lot of engineering involved. There are numerous models manufactured which differ in shape and size also has different functions. Our expertise is extended in all possible ways. We configure and fix:

  • Detect Carbon Monoxide emission
  • Inspect debris accumulation
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Check blower and its parts
  • Check operating pressures
  • Refuel the furnace